Training course: Game Theory in Business


«The wise conquers before the fight,
while the ignorant fights to conquer

Zhuge Liang



Ø We propose you to attend our strategy course - Game Theory In Business, in order to identify what types of interactions exist on the market, how these influence your decisions and results and especially, to understand how you can change the interactions existing on the market, so to maximize your profit.

Ø Game Theory In Business is a course that complements the knowledge of any MBA program, uses concepts for which the Nobel Prize for Economics has been awarded.

Ø This training course is interactive, challenging, useful, funny and very effective. The skills acquired are fully applicable in the real world and provides immediately, major strategic advantages to those who use them.

Ø Practical examples and exercises (individual and in group) represent at least 70% of the content of the course.


Our recommendation is to attend this course before setting up your business plan for the next year.


About the applicability of the game theory in business


Ø Game theory is a major contributor in the development of business tactics – e.g. how to establish prices, at what price to sell products, how large advertising budget to be, whether to enter a new product / service, whether to enter a new market. All these decisions have as final goals the profit maximization or minimization of losses.

Ø Game theory offers conceptual clarifications which will allow you to understand and anticipate, ahead of others, what is likely to happen in the market, thereby obtaining a competitive advantage. According to a global survey about 50% of business leaders don’t have in mind more than one of their options when making important decisions in business and much less how competitors might react to their decisions.

Ø Game theory can transform the culture of an organization. Firms are not just players in a market, they are also environments where are played various games that occur between departments, between subordinates and managers, between shareholders and management, which directly influences the results obtained of both at the company level and at the market where they operate.

Ø This training course is interactive, challenging, useful, funny and very effective. The skills acquired are fully applicable in the real world and provides immediately, major strategic advantages to those who use them. Practical examples represent at least 70% of the content of the course.

Who should attend this training?


This training course is recommended to directors, shareholders and entrepreneurs involved in making strategic decisions in the company - those who actually work in establishing commercial strategy, pricing policy, marketing plan, human resources, development strategy (for example: CEO / CMO / CFO / Managing director / Executive Director / department director)



At the end of this training course you will know:

Ø what is game theory and how to use it in business and with what results;

Ø what types of games you can find in business, which are the representation forms of the games,

Ø to identify strategic games in a market place where there are complex interactions (pricing, advertising, coordination, negotiation, innovation, product quality, employee monitoring , entering a market etc.)

Ø to make distinction between the various possible strategies: dominant, secure, mixed, trigger;

Ø You will know what is Nash equilibrium, a sub-game and perfect equilibrium of a sub-game and which is their role in making optimal decision in business;

Ø you will have the knowledge to identify and assess the options you have when making decisions;

Ø you will understand how you can change, in favor of the business you run, the strategic market interactions that influence your activity and the results;

Ø you will have a more profound vision of the market and on its future evolution .


Topics covered

Ø What is the game theory

Ø How we make decisions in firms with market power

Ø Description of the game in business

Ø Classification of games

Simultaneous one-shot games

Ø Nash equilibrium

Ø Dominant strategy, optimal strategy, secure strategy, mixed strategy, trigger strategy

Ø Infinitelly repeated games

Ø Games that are repeated by a finite number of times

Ø Multi-Stage Games

Ø Sub-game, the perfect equilibrium of a sub-game

Time & Location


The course is intensive, runs over 3 days, with 8 hours / day (9.00-18.00). Coffer breaks are of 10 minutes at every 2h and there is also 1 hour lunch break (at noon).

It is structured so as to allow the understanding of the theoretical concepts and their learning, based on business simulations (games) and reconstituting the competitive environment with its specific interactions and also ensures the teamwork.

The course will be held in Bucharest, during 3 consecutive working days (the course is not organized during the weekend).

Number of attendees / session


minimum 8 persons / maximum 16 persons

Trainer: Dalia Anghel


Ø ANC certified trainer.

Ø  20 years’ experience in business, including 17 years at Hyundai Auto Romania, the official distributor of Hyundai cars(a car manufacturer of top 5/6 globally), 2 years as Orange dealer and fleet management systems dealer ; 8 years experience in B2B sales, import, export; 12 years of experience in consulting activity.

Ø Gerson Lehrman Group consultant from June 2015 in business strategy, revenue management, profit maximization and auto industry.

Ø Shareholder and manager for 2 companies – one established in Romania in 2004 and the other one established abroad in an EU country in 2010; permanently connected to the international business environment.

Ø Publish articles on LinkedIN professional network about business strategy based on profit maximization and about other business topics.

Conditions for registration:


Only those who have completed the courses of a colleage can apply for this course (copy of the graduation diploma is required for registration).

To sign up, you need to complete the registration form and the contract, you have to sign and send them, along with the copy of the colleage graduation diploma, to You can follow the course only if you have sent all the required documents and have fully paid the registration fee at least 2 weeks before the course start date.

You can download the registration form and the contract from our website from the menu.


Price: 2028 Euro +TVA / person –for the course in English

Price : 1370 Euro + TVA / person – for the course in Romanian


The trainees are certified by Accent Serv International for participation in Games Theory in Business course.

The price includes the Accent Serv International certification, the lunch and the soft drinks, mineral water, the coffee and the pastry for the coffee breaks.



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Bucuresti / Tel : 0748205046