Do you need consulting services?


If you still have any doubt that the answer to this question is yes, I'll bring some pros collaboration arguments with a consultant.  Often I have to make these remarks at very first discussion to clarify the things and to not let the customer have unrealistic expectations or unjustified fears.
In fact if you come to visit our website, certainly you do it, not just out of curiosity. For sure you have at least one problem or a malfunction in your work, whose effects are visible, but for which you fail to identify the causes and to take decisions to remove it.
The consultant is a specialist working constantly to improve, with superior training and extensive experience that, in a company full of employees who know for sure what cannot be done, he is the person who will tell you what you can do and with what resources, to improve your results.
The consultant is always objective, for the simple fact that he’s not interested in advancing the corporate ladder within the company, he is not afraid to lose his job, and even if it has a direct material interest, materialized in hourly paid fee, he  is aware that improving client’ business is the only thing that will bring him the success.
The consultant will always tell the truth, he will require evidence, up-to-date, used in analysis and calculations that are the basis in establishing measures to be followed and he will never propose measures based on intuition.  He is like a doctor who will check you every time you come to control, will send you to make tests, radiography and any other investigations necessary for correct diagnosis and treatment.
If you do not have a department within the company specializes in Strategy, Planning and Development, to establish and pursue the company's objectives in the medium and long term, not just on short-term, to be sure that you need the help of a consultant. Especially now, when due to economic crisis, most companies have reduced at maximum the number of employees and retained only low-income employees and consequently with low experience and knowledge, demotivated. A paradox of the economic crisis is the fact that during it, the cost reduction is a necessity, but the crisis cannot be overcome by employees with low qualification and skills, but only by specialists and a continuing concern for innovation. Therefore outsourcing certain services is a solution to the problems you face.
I wish more entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, companies administrators, to understand this and to want to become more profitable and to contact us to collaborate.