Our offer is personalized and is depending on the complexity and value of the project, the workload (hours worked), the availability of data needed to perform the analysis and elaboration of the strategy, the availability of your employees to collaborate and their knowledge, the level of expertise, experience and know-how required of our employees and collaborators. In case the project development, requires consultants movement in territory or abroad, all costs of travel, accommodation and other necessities are paid separately by the customer and are not included in the consultancy fee. serviciile noastre We are not only specialists in commercial strategy reconfiguration for obtaining additional profit, but we also offer other services to help you in making smart decisions and increasing company value.

Our business is about maximizing profits, but equally about crisis management, problem solving, development, innovation and customer relationship.

We invite you to our training course - Game Theory in Business! During 3 days, you will learn what game theory is about, how is applied in business and with what results. I've created this training course to help managers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, to understand the strategic interactions existing on the market and in the companies they run and to show them how to change these strategic interactions in their firm's advantage. This training course is valuable, interactive, challenging, useful, funny and effective. It is organized in the 2nd and 4th week of the month, in one of the 4/5 stars hotels from Bucharest, depending on the availability existing at that date. The registration of the attendees ends with one week before the date of the course. The payment must be done in advance through banking transfer, in order to assure the location and facilities necessary for it. For more details, please contact us. You can watch promo video on our YouTube channel.

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How important is to know the demand function and what implies the profit maximization you may learn from the example presented in the next 2 videos . Watch them in the order specified below: