ACCENT SERV INTERNATIONAL Ltd offers a unique combination of services to provide a complete picture of the current situation and the possibilities of development of your business in the market we serve.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of consumer value chain, from suppliers, manufacturers, distribution channels, to consumer insights and trends. We are specialized in Managerial Economics and Business Strategy by providing basic economic tools, targeting with priority the profit.

About Us

The company was founded in 2004, having as main activity the business consulting.
Accumulated over 17 years’ experience in international trade, business relationships with companies that are expanding globally with experienced management in globalization and crisis management, with a clear vision both in terms of the pitfalls and opportunities of these, represent a guarantee of professionalism and solutions offered to our clients in  consulting activity we provide.

Contact with markets in Europe, Asia, USA, gave us the opportunity to understand and apply what is essential in developing a business, starting from general economic conditions and the specific of each domain of activity to financial, material and human resources necessary for profit maximization and sustainability.
And not just in theory! ... Because in practice, we understand that the same things stated as rules, definitions, generally valid truths are applied in different ways, with different results.

How, where and when to act, communicate and invest, how you manage your resources - are actions that can differentiate from your competitors, you can bring surprising results can turn you into a winner.
If you've wondered at least once why things do not move as you want, or why not manage to beat your competition, what setbacks, why not realize your plans, why not get the expected profits then do not delay to contact us.

But remember that "Time is money", and any delay means higher costs for achieving your goals. Sometimes this decision is essential for the survival of your company on the market.
Because we know our job, our services bring you timely results